Rune Journys


What are the Runes?

A Way…A Path…twenty-four ancient symbols that by their very nature possess hidden meaning, story and truth. The runes light the way.

What is Revealed?

Deepen and/or discover your connection to your own intuition and guiding resources. Through the divine guidance sourced in Norse mythology and the ancient sagas, the meaning of the runes become clear.

Working with the runes, you will find a path of a life time. The learning never really ends, and that is mirrored in the cyclic nature of the runic alphabet. There are three distinct families of eight (Aetts) that we will study in turn, and at each journey’s close, you find yourself back at the beginning, for another pass and further refinement. Ever deeper you go!

You will connect with ancient gods and goddesses through your study, and gain introductory knowledge of the feminine practice of Seidr…there were women in the past known as Völva in ancient germanic/Teuton society who were healers, story tellers, medicine women, workers of ‘magic,’ and priestesses. The runes were just one of their sacred tools. They would travel from home to home in service to their communities and enjoyed a high standing in their world.





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  • You may start whenever you wish, after September 1st, from wherever in the world you live.
  • You may complete the class at your leisure, but keep in mind it is designed to cover five weeks of study.
  • Your rune journeys coursework will be delivered in PDF to the email you provide.
  • You will receive an invitation to join a ‘secret’ Facebook group run by me, where you will benefit from interacting with your fellow classmates. I have much experience with groups like this, you will love the tribal connections that form! (Make sure to ‘friend’ me before September 1st so you can be added).
  • Working with the runes, you will develop a sacred relationship to them and the Cosmos. Again, this is just the beginning, for those who are called, of a lifelong learning. The symbols will draw you in and not just help point the way, but lead you on your Way, and in so doing, become a tool you will treasure. That is my intention for you.
  • FREE three rune written reading delivered to you by email.





fabout me


Fairy Mother refers to my deep relationship to and embodiment of the mother archetype and the love I feel for the ‘fairy realm.’ Medicine Woman is the best description I have for my work in the world. It is said that we carry the cure to help others for all that we have restored in ourselves. To my path as a shaman woman, I bring a love of ancient myths, the goddess, and working with symbolic tools to facilitate greater well-being and wholeness.

I bought my first rune set about 20 years ago on sight and have loved working with them ever since. I mainly used them to do readings for personal insight and for friends. Over time, my practice with them became deepened, especially as my path in Contemporary Shamanism grew. I set aside 30 days to spend a day with each rune in the alphabet as well as the important associated deities and spirit guides, journaling my insights, dreams and experiences. You could say I was ‘Spirit Taught’ during this time.

I have come to recognize the runes as a path or a Way to understanding and connecting with your own soul’s path. In working with symbol, we are speaking the language of the Universe and, with the runes, can find alignment between passion and purpose. We know that ancient women practitioners utilized the runes and served as Seers for their communities. It is this beautiful and sacred tradition I hope to invoke in my work and in sharing the hidden mysteries of the runes in teaching others.




Do I need a prior knowledge of runes?

You do not need to know anything about the runes before signing up for this course, however, I do ask that you come with a fascination, a ‘yearning’ to know them on a soul level. What do I mean by that? Well, you saw the poster for the course and you leaned forward, you felt something light up, and felt a yes, oh yes. THAT!


I have enjoyed reading runes for some time – is this the course for me?

My style of teaching is most likely different than what you have previously experienced. My approach to the runes is a deep steep in Norse Mythology. Through the lessons, I hope to show you how to apply the runic alphabet to a ‘soul map,’ meaning, the story hidden in the symbols has universals that can help guide you. If you do have some previous knowledge, I believe you will find your practice enhanced and deepened from this point of view.


What materials do I need before the course starts?

  • Elder Futhark Rune Set. There are many on the market today! I suggest a set made of natural materials, like wood, gemstone, or shell.
  • Feel free to email me and I will be glad to point you toward some of my favorites on the Etsy marketplace and more.
  • A blank journal dedicated to this course. You will record all of your insights and experiences here, and at the end, will have a jumping off point for your own, personal rune guide book.
  • A casting cloth. Something of natural fibers that you find beautiful and that will be dedicated to this purpose.


This is an online course, do I need a lot of ‘tech’ knowledge?

No. You only need to be able to access your email, play back password protected videos. A general knowledge of Facebook is helpful but not required. I am happy to get you started if you need assistance.


How is your ‘Rune Journeys’ course unique?

I taught myself to read the runes and work with them by way of a variety of sources. As my path as a Shaman took form, I learned that the Norse Runes are just one of my specialized tools, albeit an important one. In my training, I began to understand that the runic alphabet is oh, so much more than a simple divination tool. These ancient symbols were originally transmitted to the god, Odin and returned with him from his journey to the World Tree. I have deepened my own knowledge and bring to you a love for the old myths and legends that shaped the lives of the people who originally took up the runes for writing, magic, and seeing.


How will I access the course lessons?

Once you have registered, subscribe to my list with your name and email. Each week day there will be a lesson sent to this email. I will not send anything new on weekends so you can always use those days to catch up if need be, although you’ll be working at your own pace in this self study format.


How much time should I expect to use each day?

This will vary from person to person, especially depending on how fast you read and your style of learning. To read and then do the ‘homework,’ my estimate is that each day will take about 30 minutes.






Week One:

An introduction to Norse Mythology. Meet the gods and goddesses who are some of the key forces behind the runes. Odin and his beloved wife, Frigga. Freya, goddess of love, beauty, war, and magic. Hel, the goddess of the Underworld, wise and sure. Thor, sky god of strength and protection, who wields Mjölnir, the crusher. Tyr, one of the most ancient of divine beings, first god of truth, justice and the way of the spiritual warrior. Loki, trickster, shapeshifter, magic worker. Explore the realms of the World Tree, Yggdrasil, and meet the spirit guide or guides that will work with you through this course and beyond.

Odin’s Words from the Hávamál…
“Know how to rist!
Know how to read!
Know how to paint!
Know how to pry!
Know how to ask!
Know how to offer!
Know how to send!
Know how to sacrifice!”

Week Two:


Begin to work with the First Aett (family of eight); sometimes called “Freya’s Aett,” the first rune cycle of three begins with wealth and ends with joy. You will receive a lesson with two runes each day and a brief homework assignment.


Week Three:


Going into the Second Aett, starting with a metaphorical hail storm and ending with the Sun…we go ever deeper into the lessons and hidden messages of the runes.


Week Four:


Tyr’s Aett…the final eight runes, an ancient god is met and we end with the a new beginning when we take up our spiritual inheritance.


Week Five:


An introduction to the practice of Seidr…reading rituals, sample readings & further instruction, bind runes and scripts, the Helm of Awe, creating your own rune set.





622047_279425852160156_155474819_o Jenn is the owner of Fairy Mother Medicine Woman. She is a contemporary shaman with specialized training in ‘Healing with Presence & Beauty.’ She has been reading & working with the runes for almost twenty years and her path of the heart has been evolving on many levels over that course of time. Jenn also offers Shamanic Soul Retrieval sessions, Soul Mentoring, ‘Your Own Fairy Godmother’ 3-weeks of support for children & young adults, Rune Readings & Courses, and writes custom sacred ceremonies to celebrate your life’s rituals.