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We are an online digitial circle, marketplace and community connecting women the world over. Our Mission is to assist women to awaken the wild one within!



To assist and provide women with guidance and support through three objectives:-

1. The sharing of knowledge and experiences through an online circle.

2. Support and assist female creatives, writers and healers to promote themselves and their work who in return share their knowledge.

3. To positively promote a Community atmosphere through groups, forums and arenas to promote change on an individual and community level and spread the collaboration not competition.



We are an online platform, the equivalent of a 21st century circle for women. Our ethos is “Collaboration not Competition” and aims to give women a place to visit for guidance and to learn more/share their creative/spiritual knowledge. We support and promote a back to nature approach through natural and holistic methods.

The contributors to the circle will be everyday extraordinary women – healers, artists, writers, and independent female entrepreneurs with creative vision which in turn will promote the contributors, their work and/or products through the us, either through the work they share or by way of an advertising online directory and shop. The contributors will share their knowledge, stories, skills and creative ideas, through articles, videos and courses.

There will also be a fundraiser/grass-roots activism area to act as agent for change on a community level and fundraising for women’s causes. In the future there will be a forum where woman come together in a safe, non-judgmental arena to share and seek/give support on the many areas of life that women struggle with.


1609814_1395867547334874_206521237_n - CopyUp until June 2011, Samantha was a practising litigation lawyer in the UK. After much soul-searching Samantha left the legal profession and retrained as a Life Coach and Energy Healer with a specific interest in working with women. She is the Founder and Owner of the Wild Woman Circle, Marketplace and Community. She is a passionate advocate of empowering women to promote positive change on an individual and collective level. Samantha is also a writer contributor to the Circle. You can read her contributions, find and connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest or contact her by email at samantha@wild-woman.com.

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