Tarot Within ~ Elle North

You’re curious about the Tarot

You’re ready to dive deep

Tarot Within

Whether you’ve never shuffled a Tarot deck or have been dabbling with readings for years…

You want to know what messages the Tarot has for you.

You’re ready for some self-exploration and soul-searching.

Tarot Within

This deep 8-week course can be started at any time and is self-paced. You’ll receive daily e-mails for 8 weeks after signing up with links to a special password-protected area on my site. I am so excited to be your guide on your journey towards knowledge not only of the Tarot, but of yourself.

Tarot Within

& while on the surface, this course is about learning the Tarot, it’s really about self-exploration, intuition, and connection.

In this course, you’re going to get:

  • daily emails for 8 weeks leading you to a special password protected course area
  • a chance to develop your own interpretation of each card through guided meditations, journal prompts, exploration, worksheets, how-to’s, ritual, and personal insight….
  • ….along with learning the traditional meaning of each card
  • clarity & confidence with pulling cards and reading the Tarot for yourself and others
  • access to The Tarot Within Facebook group & course information — so you can go at your own pace & read through lessons again & again.

Special Pre-registration price: $67.00


The journey’s path, beginning on July 1st:

All of this, and….

-forever access to The Tarot Within Facebook group, where you can ask questions, get support, and practice giving Tarot readings to others

-A free 1-card Tarot Reading from me to help guide you forward on your path


ad tarot within

Are you ready to embark on your journey? We begin on July 1st!

Special Pre-registration price: $67.00 ($97.00)


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