Dose of Wildness ~ Tuesday 24th June 2014

Hello WordPress World!

It has been a busy and epic few months with The Wild Woman Community moving to a new home at Wild Woman !  Now that I have a little more time on my hands, I will be posting a Daily Dose of Wildness ~ a rundown on the latest articles, offers and more over at Wild Woman.  Come Visit Us!



When Things Are Not Working Out :  Stop!  ~ Alice McCall

When things are not working out like planned, when things are not going your way, and when no matter what you do you cannot change a situation – one of the best courses of action is to stop and do nothing. I know it may sound crazy, but it is wise advice.

Did you ever consider that maybe you are not in control? Did you ever consider that maybe something different or better could transpire for you, if you would just get out of your own way?  Click here for more….


The Power of Dreams and Children


Beautiful Child speak to me of the magic I no longer see.
Show me how to live again with joy, love and laughter
not judgement and blame.
Tell me all your stories so I may find my way
inward to the Kingdom of Heaven that in each of us does lay.

Click here to


UnEarthing The Wild Woman : Burning Heart of Fire ~ Linda Chasteen

That’s when My Wild Woman stepped in. She filled me with knowing that flooded through me as strongly as my grief had minutes ago. And as she danced through me, her arms swept around me and she helped me understand. Wild Woman knew exactly what was going on, and exactly what I needed.  Click here for more….

Be Wild ~ Samantha



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